Awkward: causing or feeling uneasy embarrassment or inconvenience.

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Life presents daily collisions of unease and shame, yet we stoically pretend they didn’t happen and we definitely don’t talk about them.  

Elephant Talk explores how our increasing reliance on online communication and recent isolation has affected youth and their ability to have difficult conversations. The show allows intimate conversations between friends to be observed in all their clanging awkwardness. As you make your way to a live fundraising concert you will come across various scenes. In between moments you will plug into a playlist of original songs on your device and ponder the importance of those vulnerable conversations.

Moments that are at times amusing, and at others poignant, will remind us all that true connection is only possible when we are beside each other bungling our way through life.

Please be advised that this show takes a promenade form and will require the audience to walk/travel throughout the performance. Elephant Talk also involves a digital interaction aspect and will require patrons to bring a smart device and headphones to scan the QR code to experience the audio component of this performance.

Any concerns regarding this please do let us know.

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Concept creation by Emily McRae
Directed by Emily McRae and Anna Shaw Musical
Direction by Mat Doyle
Written by Jack Arbuckle, Petra Shotwell, Luke Burke, Siena Shotwell and Olive Blyth
Produced by Holly Mercer
Original Music by Mount Aspiring College Senior Music students

Wānaka Festival of Colour
Monday 27 – Saturday 1 April
6pm (daily)
45 minutes
Mount Aspiring College Theatre
General Admission

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