Thank you to everyone who took part in the 2019 Festival of Colour: all of our performers, sponsors, patrons, benefactors, suppliers, staff, crew, volunteers and those who support us in 1000 small ways. And of course to the wider community of Wanaka.

See you in April 2021!

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to hosting the Aspiring Conversation festival of ideas in April 2020,

as well as a series of one-off arts events in the Wanaka region.

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Get your tickets for Mr Red Light

Mr Red Light is a man who attracts bad luck. So naturally, when he tries to rob a bank he fails miserably – and ends up in a pie shop dealing with three very uncooperative hostages and the world’s worst police negotiator.

As time ticks by, Mr Red Light and his captives play a game of getting to know you. With nowhere to run and nothing to lose, they form an unlikely bond. And mysteriously, Mr Red Light seems to know more about his hostages’ lives than is possible.

From the team behind the award-winning Te PōSpirit House and 360, Mr Red Light combines the hapless humour of Dog Day Afternoon with the quirky life-affirming charm ofAmelie. Joyfully inventive, absurdly funny and full of surprises, it will remind you just how mysterious and wonderful life can be.

Presented by Nightsong and Tour-Makers in association with the Festival of Colour, directed by Ben Crowder and Carl Bland.

When: Saturday October 19 @ 7:30pm
Where: Lake Wanaka Centre
Tickets: $46.05 adults / $23 students (R16) from Eventfinda.

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