Live Art In The Palace

Join two celebrated New Zealand artists for an evening of “performance art”. Dick Frizzell and Richard Adams will paint to a backdrop of live jazz played by The Gavin Adams Quartet (Nigel Gavin, Richard Adams, Jeff Sinnott and Dominic Stayne), each completing a one-off work of art to be auctioned off on the night – profits to support the Southern Lakes Arts Festival Trust.

Wai Water Wanaka

We’ve got a freshwater crisis on our hands. Water in the 21st century is still seen as a bringer of life and an ancestral voice, but it’s also a contested commodity and a saleable resource, and New Zealand is starting to reach the limits of water usage.

Ngā Tae o te whenua – Colours of the Land

Ngā Tae o te whenua – Colours of the land is a dance film made in collaboration with dancers and musicians who are currently pupils at Mount Aspiring College. The choreography was created by improvising in various locations in Wanaka and the music was composed by music students who were also inspired by the textures, […]


Come and see this gorgeous new video work on the large outdoor screen on the deck of the Central Lakes Trust Crystal Palace next to the Wanaka Hotel. For video artist Louise Potiki Bryant (Ngai Tahu) a sense of place is incredibly important, so the Festival commissioned her to base a new work on Lake […]

Henry Hargreaves

Originally from Christchurch, New York-based Henry Hargreaves’ early experience with photography was in front of the camera as a high fashion model ( He is known for innovative and provocative choices in subject matter, including 3D images of deep-fried iPads and ‘No Seconds’, a series depicting the last meals requested by American murders on the night before they were executed.

Art at Home

The ART at HOME trail is an opportunity for art lovers to view an exciting variety of homes and art collections throughout the Wanaka area.

Ahi Kā

Where there are fires, there are people on the land. Fire brings warmth and illumination and is used for cooking and smoking food. Fire was also used in our early history for hunting and trapping prey.

Dark Cloud White Light

This is a fully immersive, multi-media art installation. It combines 24 hour time-lapse photography, landscape art and sound to create an intimate experience of awe and wonder.


A collection by Christchurch photographer Doc Ross, featuring portraits of artists, writers and other members of the local arts community who, like all residents of the city, were profoundly affected by the events of 22nd February 2011. Called simply ’37’ the inspiration for the portraits came from the duration in seconds of the quake that […]

Local Exhibitions

ART at HOME The ART at HOME trail is an opportunity for art lovers to view an exciting variety of homes and art collections throughout the Wanaka area. Artists and collectors from six destinations have generously opened their homes to allow you the privilege of viewing and discussing their own personal treasures. There is something […]