A Rain Walk

 We invite you to a rain walk – accompanied by the voices of children from Wānaka and Melbourne. With their guidance, the rainfall will become your own private theatre, a space in which to observe, imagine and play.

Everything you need to experience the show is contained within a little box. Keep it safe until the weather turns. Then, whether in a drizzle or a deluge, alone or with friends or family, we invite you to step outside, feel the rain on your face, and think about your place in a world that is changing so swiftly around you.

One ticket can be used by a single person or a household of up to five people. Each audience member will require a smartphone (or MP3 player or iPod) as well as headphones to listen to the show as you walk. 

A Traveller’s Guide to Turkish Dogs

A Travellerʼs Guide to Turkish Dogs is the true story of a mad historian, immortal fishermen, and the Mother of Wolves; border crossings, buried treasure, and the value of companionship. Itʼs an OE like youʼve never seen or heard, all brought to life by a pack of NZʼs most captivating shape-shifting actors.
Exactly the right amount of theatre magic, real-life adventure, and heartwarming dog content.

Set on the salty and smoky coast of Turkey, against the backdrop of one of humanityʼs oldest and richest oral storytelling traditions, Barnaby is on his big OE – and he is coming home with a Turkish tale of his own. A spellbindingly inventive retelling of a beautifully simple story, one of friendship, adventure, loyalty, and truth.


 As you set out for Wānaka, hope that the journey’s a good one. 

Join tour guide Pete and driver Constantine on #thatwānakatour, a fun-filled trip like no other you’ve taken, from our coach on the shores of Lake Wānaka. Enjoy the company of other passengers. Follow the correct procedures. Learn some facts. Later, download your unique online souvenir of #thatwānakatour when, wise as you will have become, you will have understood by then what these Wānakas mean. A play by the community, for the community, about the community – it’s going to be an interesting ride.  

Hello Darkness

An adaptation of the Peter Wells book by Victor Rodger. Read by Roy Ward

Peter Wells wrote many books, made movies, and co-founded the Auckland Writers Festival and the Same Same But Different LGBTQI+ Writers Festival.

After he  was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018, he wrote a series of powerful posts on Facebook which were collated in the book Hello Darkness, published shortly before his death.

Remote Thoughts

For the last four years, Wanaka teacher Anna Shaw has been living and teaching in Wadeye, a remote indigenous community in the Northern Territory, SE of Darwin near the Kimberleys.   3,000 people living at the end of 300km of dirt road.

This solo show explores the complexities of being a whitefella having the privilege of dropping into a blackfella community.  A teacher building relationships with her students and the womenfolk. It’s honest, sad and funny.

Rants in the Dark

Wellington blogger Emily Writes’ best-selling book takes to the stage. Her heartfelt and hilarious writing explores her parenting experience, offering comfort and connection to other exhausted parents all over the world. Honest, authentic and laugh-out-loud funny, the play is full of the things that every parent thinks at 4 o’clock in the morning, but would rarely be brave enough to say out loud.
“Rants in the Dark is a laugh-cry, get up in your realness, ode to mamas out there everywhere. Get your tired self along and feel heard. Brilliant work!” – Litcrawl

Up and Away

Up and Away is a playful and gentle theatrical performance exclusively for babies and their grown-ups. Two performers interweave elements of theatre, play and live music in a purpose-crafted tent, for a small number of attendees. The result is a unique theatrical experience to treasure.

This performance has been specifically made for babies that are not yet walking.

Me and my Nana

Joyful surprises are discovered alongside tender moments between a grandmother and her grandchild as they navigate a day together in this theatrical experience made especially for preschoolers and their grownups.
This lively story, told with clever props, simple language with nostalgic tunes played by live musicians, celebrates the unique love children share with their grandparents

The Griegol

Trick of the Light Theatre’s new show is an eerie, elegant tale, without words, but full of magic and mystery. It’s about death, love, grief and monsters. After a girl’s granny passes away, she starts to suspect she is being pursued by the smoke demon shapeshifter from the old woman’s stories.
In the tradition of Spirited Away and Coraline, The Griegol is a mythic, gorgeously rendered dark fantasy for brave children and lovers of atmospheric theatre.


It’s 1998. Otto is twelve, but online he’s thirteen and he’s pretty sure he gets away with it. He lives with his mum, dad, and sister, along with a chain-smoking Icelandic granny, and an ancient malevolent troll that’s living in the wall.

From Trick of the Light Theatre (The Bookbinder, The Road That Wasn’t There) comes a lo-fi wi-fi fable combining storytelling, projection, and puppetry.