Permission to Speak

It’s time to give a new generation permission to speak. High school students from around the country have spoken their truths on topics such as body image, gender equality in sport, and what feminism means to teenagers today. Their dialogues are supported with movement and song in this powerful local production. Our talented young Wanaka […]

Wild Dogs Under My Skirt

Vivid, passionate and compelling, Wild Dogs Under My Skirt is also alive with humour and sheer energy. The raw and lyrical performance poetry challenges your perceptions of culture, life and love. Breathing provocative new life into Avia’s exploration and celebration of what it is to be a Samoan woman, Polata’ivao introduces the nuance, power and […]

The Road That Wasn’t There

This is a story about a girl who followed a map off the edge of the world. In New Zealand there are some 56,000 kilometres of paper roads – streets and towns that exist only on surveyors’ maps. Or do they? A young woman from Central Otago strays from the beaten track and finds herself […]

My Best Dead Friend

This is a story about my best friends. Ok, no, this is actually mostly a story about me. December, 1998. Dunedin. High summer in a town where there isn’t a lot to do. This is a comedy about death, revolution, unfulfilled love, and a possum. My Best Dead Friend is a true story about heart-breaking […]


Created by Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd and Tim Watts Performed by Daniel Buckle and Nick Pages-Oliver Produced by The Last Great Hunt A lo-fi puppetry spectacular that bends time and melts your heart. Bruce effortlessly sold out two seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is yet another award-winning international smash hit from the makers of The […]

Still Life With Chickens

Some friendships are just clucking surprising! When Mama discovers a mischievous chicken invading her flourishing veggie garden, her first instinct is to reach for the spade. But what starts out as a skirmish over the silverbeet develops into an unlikely friendship.


ROOMAN is a heart-warming, heart-breaking, visual-musical extravaganza by Fleur Elise Noble. Back in 2011, we presented sell-out performances of Fleur’s stunning first work, 2D Life of Her. Now enjoy her new work with its rich tapestry of puppetry, projection, drawing, dance and music

Every Brilliant Thing

The worldwide smash hit. You’re seven years old. Mum’s in hospital. Dad says she’s ‘done something stupid’. She finds it hard to be happy. You make a list of everything that’s brilliant about the world. Everything worth living for. Ice cream Water fights Staying up past your bedtime and being allowed to watch TV The […]

How to Keep an Alien

A story about falling in love and proving it to the government. Edinburgh Festival Fringe winner Sonya Kelly relates a tearfully funny, tender memoir about securing an Irish visa for her Australian partner, Kate. They met, they fell in love and now the Immigration Bureau requires documentary evidence! Join her madcap odyssey from the stony […]

Hudson & Halls Live!

By Kip Chapman with Todd Emerson and Sophie Roberts A Silo Theatre Production And we’re live! The oven’s caught fire, David is drinking and Peter has bad news. In this immersive work, co-created by theatrical daredevil Kip Chapman, we meet two of New Zealand’s trailblazing TV personalities at a pivotal point in their relationship. It’s […]