Rail Land

Rail Land is an immersive live music experience with synthesizers, lights, and historic New Zealand Railways ephemera. Built around the critically acclaimed songs of Anthonie Tonnon, Tonnon connects his songs with soundscapes and narratives to create ‘a journey of the mind’ – a history, personal memoir, and musical spectacle – an ode to New Zealand’s on-off love affair with passenger rail.

The New Blue

Blue Smoke Records is proud to present the song- book of New Zealand’s first recording pop star, and the music that influenced her.
Join music director Riki Gooch and his band with singers Kirsten Te Rito, Rachel Fraser and Lisa Tomlins as they bring Pixie’s music to life.

Carnivorous Plant Society

Carnivorous Plant Society is a gang made up of New Zealand’s most accomplished musicians performing psychedelic jazz. They merge filmic soundscapes and lush orchestral pop to sublime effect, and band-leader Finn Scholes plays almost every instrument under the sun. This is one of our dreamiest live bands – they will melt your mind, in a good way!

Lawrence Arabia’s Singles Club (QUEENSTOWN)

Festival of Colour Arts Festival, which this year gains a presence in Queenstown at Sherwood, presents Lawrence Arabia’s Singles Club. New Zealand’s “foremost chronicler of 21st Century bourgeois dilemmas,” Lawrence Arabia, is back with a tour to celebrate the soon to be released album version of his audacious twelve month long project, “Lawrence Arabia’s Singles […]


Estere is coming to Sherwood, as part of the Festival of Colour Arts Festival, which this year gains a presence in Queenstown at Sherwood. “The voice alone earns her a place in any year-end list, but her production finesse and ability to weave world-music beats with found sounds and beautiful lyrics, make her a Kiwi […]

One Piece at a Time – Finn Andrews (QUEENSTOWN)

Festival of Colour, which gains a Queenstown arm at Sherwood this year, is proud to present Finn Andrews, with full band and strings, and support from Reb Fountain “This record has taken me somewhere else. That’s kind of the spooky element of making albums: you think you’re making them but really they’re making and shaping […]

Jordi Savall

For one rapturous performance only, baroque music superstar Jordi Savall brings to Wanaka the gorgeous music of late 17th century France.

Songs of Travel

New Zealand baritone Julien Van Mellaerts is the only person to have ever won first prize in both the Kathleen Ferrier Awards and the Wigmore Hall Kohn Foundation International Song Competition.


Roll up for an evening of free-spirited music with jazz, soul and funk vocalist Lou’ana and her band.