The Bookbinder

They say you can get lost in a good book. But it’s worse getting lost in a bad one…

The Wine Project

We create something magic and dangerous when we tend the vines, crush the grapes, and ferment the juice. The Wine Project invites you into a world of flavours and aromas, of ritual and revelry.

Knee Deep

It’s circus from the heart, astonishing skills and exquisite beauty!

2 Dimensional Life of Her – Fleur Elise Noble

Puppets punch through their paper walls; drawings transform themselves before your eyes to take on lives of their own. An imaginary world manages to escape from the confines of its two-dimensional existence.

Passing Wind

Bring the family to watch Linsey Pollak make and play wind instruments using some pretty unexpected materials. He makes bagpipes from kitchen rubber gloves, panpipes from irrigation pipe and a clarinet from a carrot! We even get to hear Mr Curly, a contra-bass clarinet made from a garden hose. Many of the instruments are made […]