Moving To A Low Carbon Economy

Yes, we are already feeling the effects of climate change. Yes, we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and shift to a low carbon economy. But what sort of economy is that?

Failing Public Health

New Zealand appears to be slipping towards third world status when it comes to public health. The contamination of drinking water in Havelock North in 2016, sewage flowing through the streets of Middlemarch in 2018, the escalating obesity epidemic, our ongoing destructive relationship with alcohol – who’s looking out for our public health?

Water Crisis

We’ve got a freshwater crisis on our hands. It appears we can’t have it all – clean water, high volume dairy farming, the 100% Pure brand that drives our tourism industry, along with equitable settlements of Treaty rights.

Kathryn Parsons & Jason Pellegrino: Innovation & disruption

Technology is constantly changing the world we live and work in. Our panellists discuss their own experiences of innovation and disruption. Kathryn Parsons is the co-founder and co-CEO of Decoded, a London-based tech startup which aims to increase digital literacy.  Decoded’s signature one-day course trains participants without any background in computers to “code in a day”. […]

Dr Karen Hitchcock: don’t ever grow old

Old people are often seen as a burden – threatening the future of younger generations by sucking up health resources, straining families and spending their kids’ inheritance. They are crumbling and leaking and bent over, gripping their walking sticks with big white knuckles, staring at the young askance as they slip into the last seat […]

Scarlett Hagen and Laura Williamson: On your bike

Scarlett Hagen claimed her first national title at 12, won the Junior World Champs at 17, became Elite Oceania Champion at 20, and retired from racing at 21, having broken 17 bones along the way.  What was next for Scarlett Hagen? – do post-graduate research in mountain biking!  She has researched the sub-culture of downhill […]

Max Harris and Shen Narayanasamy: How can we change the world?

Brexit and Donald Trump have changed the sense of an open, globalised world with countries working together to solve problems from poverty to climate change. How can we change things for the better in this post-truth world that appears to be closing its borders and looking inwards and not outwards? Shen Narayanasamy is the Human […]

Jim Bolger & Vincent O’Malley: The Great War for New Zealand

A former Prime Minister and a working historian discuss not Gallipoli but the Waikato War, a war which in so many ways has done more to shape this country than either of the World Wars. Unlike the US, we know little and do little to commemorate our own wars of the 1860s, the battles and […]

Siouxsie Wiles: The end of antibiotics – the end of modern medicine

We know that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness – more and more bacteria are becoming resistant. This is partly a result of evolution at work but it’s been hastened by improper use, by over prescription and by the use of antibiotics to promote growth in livestock. Scientist Siouxsie Wiles is a senior lecturer in Molecular […]