We are starting the year with an innovative approach to fundraising and we hope that you can help us out! We launch the programme in just four weeks time and we just need a final bit of financial support to help us reach our budget target.

As I am sure you are aware putting on the festival is a massive job – our budget runs at close to $1 million each time to pay for all of the performers, their flights and accommodation, all the technical costs, hiring venues, security, staff, marketing, doing the accounts, ticketing charges……. the list goes on and on. And that is why we need your help. We have developed a ‘shopping list’ of just a few of the cost areas involved with next year’s festival, many of them will be things you haven’t thought of, but all of them are vital in helping us to present a world class festival. Every single item on this list is a real cost to us and so any help that you can give in purchasing one of these items means that you are directly helping to make the festival happen. Things like refreshments to keep our performers and volunteers fed and watered, the cost of freight of specialty lights and firewood for our opening night bonfires are just a few of the items on the list.
Your donation will help us to present a fabulous festival of unforgettable moments and transformational experiences.

We have focused on our community production ‘Sing it to my Face’ an inter-generational community choir that will feature 60+ local singers of all ages from 8 to 80. Your contribution will have a direct impact on each one of those participants and the audiences that come to watch this powerful community project.

You may say – Yes I want to help to present another amazing festival to the communities of Wanaka and the Southern Lakes but what do I do next? All you have to do is take a look at the shopping list here and find an item that matches what you can afford to spend – there are items that range in price from $25 to $600. Click on the link and this will take you through to our secure system where you can enter your credit card details to pay for it. Make sure to enter your email address so that we can be sure to thank you.

We will make sure that we acknowledge all of our ‘donor shoppers’ on our website, in a sign at the festival and we’ll be sure to take some photographs showing what an impact your donation has had too. We’ll send a copy to you and publish them in our newsletter and on Facebook too.
Thank you in advance for helping us to bring our top quality arts festival and all of these unforgettable moments to the community. Happy shopping!