The programme is out – and we’ve heard some terrific feedback. There seems to be something for everyone and the only problem seems to be packing it all into 6 days. Along with the wonderful line up of music, theatre, dance and visual arts there is also the ART at HOME tour, free street theatre and the Schoolfest programme for local schools.

Each week one of the festival team will choose their favorite item from the programme. First up Festival Director Philip Tremewan makes his pick. “It’s so hard to choose just one performance, but Electric Wire Hustle Family is one of my favourites. EWH take their great sound that has toured extensively though the world, and then added in the extra dimension of performing with their parents. It’s like a mini WOMAD in one show with a Congolese master percussionist, a traditional Vietnamese vocalist and a blues guitarist. It really is a family affair, and it’s great music.. This is a terrific show and  has to be a festival favourite”.

Electric Wire Hustle Family play at Queenstown Memorial Centre on Saturday 20 April at 8pm and The Central Lakes Trust Crystal Palace on Sunday 21 April at 8.30pm. Tickets $38. On sale Monday