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A high-energy calypso ska sound from Wellington supergroup The Yoots – with their unique take on classic waiata.

Hopepa, trombonist of Fat Freddy’s Drop, enlists the talents of Toby Laing, P.K. Hoskin, the Yeabsley brothers, Craig Poll, Iain Gordon, Lucien Johnson, Will Ricketts, Sam Lindsay, Taungaroa Emile, and Adan Tijerina to give birth to The Yoots.

Instead of hunting through rare records to unearth musical gems from distant lands, The Yoots search through their own experiences and earliest memories to draw on the rich musical tradition of these islands. Songs such as E Papa Waiari are heard alongside strains of Calypso Boogie and Creole Compa. The Yoots capture the essence of Maori waiata in unexpected and delightful ways. They fuse nostalgia and togetherness with the rhythms of the dance-floor. And with the lyrics on display, everyone is encouraged to sing along with the Yoots, and maybe dance along as well.

“Raw, spirited, inspired… the whole thing conjures images of a Maori showband swept ashore on a Caribbean island…”
Nick Bollinger, The Listener


Admission:  $38