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Your trusted partner for your medical-musical needs!
The pop-up Song Dispensary will open its Wanaka doors on Tuesday 4 April in the Armstrong Room at the Lake Wanaka Centre – access from the doors at the back overlooking Bullock Creek.

It’s just like going to a chemist’s, except they don’t dispense medicine, they dispense music. As an audience member you can watch and listen as they dispense their musical medicine. And you may be lucky enough to be invited into the dispensary, to have a quick consultation to decide what kind of song they can best make to suit your needs. You’re then free to explore the rest of the festival and the town, and return a short time later to pick up your original song, performed for you live. They can produce up to six songs each day.

The song will later go online for you at to listen to at home, and in the interests of patient confidentiality the online version of your song will only be recognisable to you.

Check the signs to find out what time the next consultations and performances are taking place.

Festival director Philip Tremewan had them compose a song for his daughter’s 30th birthday – “the best present ever”.

The three expert song alchemists are Hans Kellett, Jörg Hochapfel and Dan Untitled. Hans and Jörg are Berlin-based musicians, Dan is from Wellington.