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Named Best Group at the 2010 Vodafone NZ Music Awards, with four acclaimed albums and two movie soundtracks to their name, as well as recent rave reviews in Europe, The Phoenix Foundation are one of New Zealand’s most innovative and respected bands.

From catchy pop/rock gems, to pulsing epic, psychedelic prog rock, The Phoenix Foundation’s music is truly distinct and fresh. Sun-bleached harmonies, chiming guitars, progressive synthscapes and subliminal rhythms.

Catch them as they arrive back from Europe.


“Surely the most potent band to come out of new zealand since the far-off days of the chills… Gorgeous.”

The Independent


“if captain cook was to explore the South pacific in 2010, the phoenix foundation would be his greatest discovery.”

Bret McKenzie, Flight Of The Conchords


“this record is like the beautiful feeling of falling asleep in a hammock out the back of a faded old beach house and dreaming of epic vistas and love affairs… a beautiful record indeed.”

Neil Finn


“i would rate the phoenix foundation the best in the country.”

Simon Sweetman, Blog on the Tracks