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Some friendships are just clucking surprising!

When Mama discovers a mischievous chicken invading her flourishing veggie garden, her first instinct is to reach for the spade. But what starts out as a skirmish over the silverbeet develops into an unlikely friendship.

Award-winning playwright D.F. Mamea’s slice-of-life story paints a vivid portrait of the local neighbourhood, its colourful characters, and Mama’s dreams for herself and her family. Goretti Chadwick gives a tour-de-force performance in the role of a lifetime, as she brings this glorious character to life. No wonder she won the 2018 Campion Accolade for Outstanding Performance.

An intimate, heart-warming, and funny play about friendship, loss, love and life.

“E, leai, I’m not doing an encore. I’m an old woman, you stupid chicken. The last time I sang and danced like that… oi, ‘ta fia ola e. My wedding day. I was so young and beautiful, and so was Papa.”

Still Life with Chickens won the Adam NZ Play Award (2017), and the 2018 Wellington Theatre Award for Outstanding new New Zealand Play of the Year.

Developed with the support of Auckland Theatre Company.

“A play that promises the audience laughter, but surprises by moving them too.” – Nathan Joe, Theatre Scenes