Date: April 14, 2021
Time: 10am
Venue: Pacific Crystal Palace
Ticket Details: $40
Duration: 60 minutes


Silver Stone Wood Bone

From one note comes two. From two notes come many. Breath sounds, sounds of bone, wood, natural things.

Bridget Douglas is the principal flute player for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. Alistair Fraser is a player, composer, and researcher of ngā taonga puoro – traditional Māori instruments.  Together they play gorgeous music specially-commissioned by New Zealand’s leading composers. Enjoy the sounds and shapes of so many different instruments, like the pūtōrino, flutes made variously of albatross bone or wood; the bull-roarer that’s swung through the air; and the percussive sounds of river stones. Composer Gareth Farr says, “I love the ways that the flute and  taonga pūoro can imitate each other – and occupy the same sonic space.”

“Beautiful, haunting, beguiling work.” – Off the Tracks

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