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The saddest songs in the universe.

Homegrown singer-songwriters Julia Deans and Sean James Donnelly invite you to come and wallow in a selection of some of their most treasured sad songs. Scientifically proven to make you feel better, Julia and Sean will be playing favourites from their own back catalogues as well as brand new laments wrought

especially for the occasion.

They have also cast their ears over the last 50 years of musical sorrow, to pluck a song or three from the world’s greatest misery merchants. Expect to sniff, to sob, to complain bitterly about your lot in life, but also to know that you’re not alone in your despair. There will be tears of laughter, tears of woe….along

with many guitars, synthesisers and mysterious musical objects.

Hear melodies glum and glorious, harmonies of heartbreak and hurt… all in service of the downhearted, the disconsolate and the damned. Come join the beautiful losers.

A Premiere performance.