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Wear your best dancing shoes for Royale Riot – it’ll be a night of bent and broken rockabilly tunes from this award winning Aussie band – Suitcase Royale.

Deep within the surreal and macabre imaginary Suitcase Royale universe, there is a town. In that town there is a pub: The Royale Hotel. In that hotel there is always a band playing, loud. Primal drums, grinding upright bass, cracking guitar and the twang of a banjo bring that old time sound kicking and screaming onto the dance floor. From rockabilly barnstormers to old country tear jerkers,The Suitcase Royale band knows how to start a fire and bring the bacon too.

Playing the soundtracks from their multi award winning and internationally adored theatre productions as well as a swag of classic tunes, the Suitcase Royale band have toured all over the world. From sellout party nights in London to late night hoedowns in the deep south of America, the Suitcase Royale have done it all, and now, with smoke screaming from their ears they are bringing the party to Wanaka!