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Come and see this gorgeous new video work on the large outdoor screen on the deck of the Central Lakes Trust Crystal Palace next to the Wanaka Hotel.
For video artist Louise Potiki Bryant (Ngai Tahu) a sense of place is incredibly important, so the Festival commissioned her to base a new work on Lake Wanaka itself.
Roto is a collaboration between Louise and her partner, composer Paddy Free. The word roto can mean lake, but it also means inside and they explore in dance, image and music the connection between lake and person.
Louise Potiki Bryant is also a dancer and choreographer and was awarded The Harriet Friedlander Residency in New York last year. You can see her perform KIRI during the Festival – click here.
Paddy Free is one half of the duo Pitch Black and is also performing a late night electronica set during the Festival – click here for more information.

Louise and Paddy have also produced a film with local high school students based on the local landscape and upon the proverb Ko au te whenua, Ko te whenua ko au / I am the land and the land is me. Click here for more information.
Louise Potiki Bryant: Director, Editor and Performer
Paddy Free: Director of Photography and Music

A world premiere