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Come and see this stunning and unique production!

Riverside Drive opens up the New Zealand that we often boast about – a great little place to bring up children.

This brand-new, powerful play follows 15-year-old David, his family, his friends and neighbours especially Rosa, and the strife that splits open his town. It’s the early 1950s and adults were trying to keep the lid bolted down, to keep society safe. But teenagers got sex and rock and roll and broke free.

It’s a play with huge life, with wonderful characters and with a dialogue that crackles along and is often funny and sometimes very moving.

Writer Graeme Tetley has been writing plays and movie scripts for decades, most recently being 2009 Qantas Scriptwriter of the Year for the movie Out of the Blue. Director Sara Brodie is the country’s top professional theatre director. Participants include senior students from the high school drama class, members of Flat Out Productions and some good blokes.

Writer: Graeme Tetley Director: Sara Brodie Musical direction: Michael Nicholas Williams