Date: April 15, 2021
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Pacific Crystal Palace
Ticket Details: $40
Duration: 60 minutes


Rail Land

Rail Land is an immersive live music experience with synthesizers, lights, and historic New Zealand Railways ephemera. Built around the critically acclaimed songs of Anthonie Tonnon, Tonnon connects his songs with soundscapes and narratives to create ‘a journey of the mind’ – a history, personal memoir, and musical spectacle – an ode to New Zealand’s on-off love affair with passenger rail.

“Anthonie Tonnon is a historian. Yes, he’s a musician, too – a one-man band of electronica, keyboards and a particularly nice 1968 vintage Yamaha guitar – he’s repackaging New Zealand’s past into poignant indie pop performances to make his audience rethink how, why and where we live as Kiwis”. – The Listener

“Tonnon begins, hands on the wheel, then peppers his sets with these kooky kinetic dramatic segues. It’s captivating to watch… Imagine if David Byrne was born in Dunedin thirty years ago, growing up on Submarine Bells… He layers sounds, turns the audience into his percussive backing track, dives from synth to guitar to keyboard…. He’s laying out a commentary on that future promised by yesteryear, where rail was the way to go” – The Hook


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