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Salsa and rumba to tango and lambada – a journey through Latin American dance

Enjoy a fabulous journey through Central and South American dance. Experience the birth of the Argentinean tango, the evolution of the Cuban salsa and the vibrant colours of the Brazilian carnivale. You will find yourself in different locations – on the patio of an old house in Cuba where everyone gathers to play music, to sing and dance the salsa and the rumba. Visit the Club Tropicana for the mambo. Or Buenos Aires in 1945 for the tango. And you will be able to see why the lambada was a forbidden dance for so long!

Fabio and Ana Robles return to the Festival of Colour with a troupe of talented dancers and musicians from the Robles Dance Academy. From WOMAD to Dancing with the Stars, Fabio and Ana have wowed their audiences and this latest show is about to tour Victoria.

Get your tickets now to see this full-on stage performance!


“they kept the audience breathless.”


“there was plenty of action when the lambada dancers broke loose.”

The Sun

“the professionalism and quality of the dancers made it a night to remember.”

The Advertiser

“Sexy, sassy and sinuous.”

The Mail