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Scarlett Hagen claimed her first national title at 12, won the Junior World Champs at 17, became Elite Oceania Champion at 20, and retired from racing at 21, having broken 17 bones along the way.  What was next for Scarlett Hagen? – do post-graduate research in mountain biking!  She has researched the sub-culture of downhill mountain biking and what it is about mountain biking that people really love – speed? fear? fitness? mental challenge?  Scarlett is also the owner of New Zealand bike coaching company, BikeSchool.
(Scarlett replaces Lloyd Geering who was originally scheduled to appear in this session, he has had to cancel due to the ill health of his wife.)

Mountain-biking enthusiast Laura Williamson has written The Bike and Beyond: Life on Two Wheels in Aotearoa New Zealand about the recent transformation to expensive lightweight carbon fibre bikes, families with a stack of different bikes for different conditions, and a network of new bike tracks.

Canadian Laura Williamson is a Wanaka writer and edits the NZ mountain bike magazine Spoke.

This session will be chaired by Lynn Freeman of Radio New Zealand.