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By The PlayGround Collective

Welcome to the party! It’s the afterball, don’t tell the teachers, don’t tell your parents. It’s two weeks since Joseph died – drunk and daring he jumped off a roof diving for a swimming pool, but never made it to the water. His friends have gathered to remember but some just want to forget. His girlfriend, his sister, his best mate – should they remember him for his tragic fall or should they celebrate the guy who dared to jump? Amongst the chaos and revelry of the night you’ll see how his loss has challenged the way they live their lives. Come party like there’s no tomorrow!

The award-winning Playground Collective are working with local students to stage this compelling site-specific theatre show in a Wanaka downtown bar. Join the action as you follow the actors through the party – through the music, the games, the jokes and the mess.

Created by Eleanor Bishop, Robin Kerr and Eli Kent
Produced by Show Pony and Festival of Colour
Director – Robin Kerr. Playwright – Eli Kent

Like There’s No Tomorrow was developed in collaboration with the Auckland Theatre Company Creative Development department from an original idea by Lynne Cardy and was first presented by Auckland Theatre Company on 27 July 2013 at the Basement Theatre in Auckland. The co- director of the original production was Eleanor Bishop.

Note: This is a moving journey event. Some parts of the show require climbing stairs and are not suitable for flat floor access patrons. The language used in this performance may offend some