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KIRI is a performance combining dance, sculpture and video by choreographer/video artist Louise Potiki Bryant and clay artist Paerau Corneal, with a hypnotic soundscore by composer Paddy Free.

Kiri means skin and when the dancer’s skin is adorned with clay by the sculptor, she transforms into a moving work of art. She senses the world through her skin and her body becomes like a landscape – for clay (uku) is the skin of the land.

Dancer and sculptor, skin and clay, creation and whakapapa: the performance brings to life the creation of Hine-ahu-one, the first woman created from earth. Louise Potiki Bryant and Paerau Corneal collaborate to create this beautiful work afresh each time.

Louise Potiki Bryant was awarded the prestigious Harriet Friedlander Residency in New York in 2016 and brings this gorgeous show to Wanaka direct from performing it in The Netherlands. As well as her own solo works, she has choreographed for Atamira Dance Company, Black Grace and The New Zealand Dance Company; she is also a dancer and video artist.

“A stunning collaboration.”