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Singer-songwriter Jófríður Ákadóttir is the talented Icelander who emerged in 2017 as a solo artist with her project JFDR. She’s been name-checked by Björk as an inspiration – “I got obsessed with her band Samaris a few years ago and then it was amazing to see her do her own stuff”.

Drawing from classical, folk and electronic backgrounds, JFDR amalgamates the sounds of the changing seasons with her voice a current moving through rough seas to smooth waters. But perhaps she shines most as a wordsmith with the rich imagery and subtle emotions of the songs.

She formed her first band in 2009 when she was 14 and they proceeded to record, produce and distribute their first album themselves. Several bands and half a dozen more albums followed and then in 2017 she released her solo album Brazil. She was named Iceland’s 2018 Artist of the Year by The
Reykjavik Grapevine.

Gravity was released during the Iceland Airwaves Festival in the form of a bar of chocolate with a download code. In the title track she sings about “longing and loneliness, being lost in your thoughts, rocking between stillness and motion.”