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She has opened for the likes of Grace Jones, John Cale and Erykah Badu.

Her Electric Blue Witch-Hop electronic music has thick bass atop weighty drums, then contrasted with acoustic textures. The coy hiss of Vietnamese bamboo, the angry crash of a cutlery drawer and the clicking tongue of a possum are all examples of the strange sounds Estère has sampled and surreptitiously slipped into her music.

Her lyrics delve into philosophical narratives about displaced refugees, kids obsessed with technology, controlling urges, rent, prostitutes becoming presidents and much more.

Armed with her MPC Lola, as well as a troupe of other machine personalities, Estère has played headline and festival shows in Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, UK, South Korea, Australia and NZ.

Estere is also playing at Sherwood, Queenstown Friday, April 5.

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“My Design, On Others’ Lives is the stunning, rhythm-driven debut album from singer-dancer-songwriter-producer Estère. All her skills are on display in the slyly Prince-like ‘Rent’: a song that ironically celebrates the hand-to-mouth existence of a person dedicated to their art.” – Nick Bollinger, Radio NZ

“The voice alone earns her a place in any year-end list, but her production finesse and ability to weave world-music beats with found sounds and beautiful lyrics, make her a Kiwi who’s clearly going places.” – James Belfield, The Listener

In association with Sherwood, Queenstown.