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This is a fully immersive, multi-media art installation. It combines 24 hour time-lapse photography, landscape art and sound to create an intimate experience of awe and wonder. Joseph Michael grew up in Central Otago and his deep connection to the landscape is evident in these extraordinarily beautiful time-lapse sequences.

Each looping landscape features an original music soundtrack, individually composed specifically for the work. The New Zealand talent for these sound-tracks includes electronic guru Rhian Sheehan, Mike Hodgson of Pitch Black, Claire Cowan of Blackbird Ensemble, film composer Keith Ballantyne and Dunedin based Tristan Dingemans – former front man of the psychedelic rock band HDU. Avant-garde sound artist William Basinski from the USA also contributed to one of the works.

Dark cloud / white light exhibited at Pataka Art Museum then Auckland’s Silo Park, with over 100,000 visitors. Joseph Michael’s newest project sees him sailing to Antarctica in early 2015 to capture the ice continent on film.

Thanks to Wanaka Living for ensuring your experience is comfortable providing Shaggy Bags to sit back and relax on.