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Site-specific Theatre NZ
Written by Rachel Callinan and Paul McLaughlin

John’s café is usually fairly busy, but in the last few months it has seen a massive spike in its popularity. The place is humming. Veteran café owner John puts it down to his experience in creating the perfect vibe for his customers. But hipster barista, and onsite coffee-roaster Che has unwittingly developed a very special blend of coffee that will change people’s lives…

By the time everyone has made the connection between being opened up to their truths, and Che’s magic beans… there’s only enough for one more cup. Who gets it? Who needs it most?

The final chapter in the site-specific series (HOTEL, SALON) lets us tune in to the buzz of the coffee house; a funny, caffeinated, delightful work of new New Zealand theatre, premiering at the Festival of Colour.

Thanks to our co-commissioning partners – Auckland Arts Festival, New Zealand Festival, Tauranga Arts Festival, Nelson Arts Festival, and Kokomai Creative Festival.