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Performed by: Julia Deans, Tom Broome, Sean Donnelly, Robin Kelly and Paul McLaney
Directed by: Shane Bosher

Ranging from honey-sweet falsetto to menacing growl, the voice of Julia Deans has offered light and shade to a variety of musical endeavours.

From fronting Fur Patrol to co-conspirator with renowned supergroup The Adults to sultry chanteuse in Silo Theatre’s Brel, Deans has talent which soars. And now she is let loose on Joni Mitchell’s legendary songbook.

Joni Mitchell wrote songs that defined an era and a generation. She struck a nerve with her takeon life’s little, ironic disappointments. Woodstock, River, Help Me, Blue. They’re songs of introspection and stark, personal confession. Ripe with honest reflections on the human experience, her narratives traverse infatuation, the confusing nature of courtship, failure, freedom, travel, optimism and the cost of being a woman. She is an artist of both heart and mind.