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We are living in interesting times. The demands and pressures on each of us are increasing as a result of ubiquitous connectivity and fast-paced information flows. At the same time, expectations of employers are changing as individuals look for more purpose and empowerment in their working lives. And all of this happens against the background of ongoing automation and digitisation. To uphold our prosperity into the 2020s, we will need to find a new balance–individually, in the relationships between employees and employers, and collectively as a working economy.

Our panel assembles experts in each of these areas.

Dr Tony Fernando is a psychiatrist, sleep specialist and senior lecturer in psychological medicine at Auckland University who speaks on compassion and mindfulness and managing the self for sustainability.

Jolie Hodson is Customer Director at Spark and focuses on how to lead a large workforce and transform to a more agile company.

Mark Verbiest is a Wanaka local with extensive national board experience including Spark, Transpower, ANZ, Meridian, Freightways and NZ Treasury. He looks at the wider issues around the future of work in New Zealand.

The session will be chaired by Lynn Freeman from Radio NZ.