Date: April 12, 2021
Time: The first rainy day
Venue: Your neighbourhood
Ticket Details: $20
Duration: 40 minutes


A Rain Walk

 Created by Andy Field and Beckie Darlington

 We invite you to a rain walk – accompanied by the voices of children from Wānaka and Melbourne. With their guidance, the rainfall will become your own private theatre, a space in which to observe, imagine and play.

Everything you need to experience the show is contained within a little box. Keep it safe until the weather turns. Then, whether in a drizzle or a deluge, alone or with friends or family, we invite you to step outside, feel the rain on your face, and think about your place in a world that is changing so swiftly around you.

One ticket can be used by a single person or a household of up to five people. Each audience member will require a smartphone (or MP3 player or iPod) as well as headphones to listen to the show as you walk. 

A link to the audio track will be sent to you following your booking. A transcript is also available. 

The piece will involve being outside in the rain for approximately 40 minutes, including around 20 minutes of walking. You can of course wear a coat and bring an umbrella!

A Rain Walk is commissioned by the Festival of Colour and Melbourne Fringe, with ArtPlay and House of Muchness.

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