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Puppets punch through their paper walls; drawings transform themselves before your eyes to take on lives of their own. An imaginary world manages to escape from the confines of its two-dimensional existence.

You will be immersed in a world of projections, of mesmerizing animations and walls that simply peel away. Your sense of reality will be teased and blurred.

Illusionary, captivating and cheeky, 2 Dimensional Life of Her was first presented as part of the Under the Radar programme at the Brisbane Festival 2008 where it won Best in Show. It has since had seasons in New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Iran, Denmark, Korea and Holland. Don’t miss this magical work from Fleur Elise Noble!

For audiences of all ages.


This astoundingly full-bodied performance would be the talk of any festival.”

The Advertiser, Adelaide


The Herald, Edinburgh