Our new initiatives, and core programme, are only made possible by the grants and sponsorship we receive, and the generous contribution from our Patrons and Benefactors.

The benefits of being a patron of the 2015 Festival of Colour

  • Receive two invitations to the launch of the Festival 2015 programme
  • Enjoy a priority booking period for ticket purchases
  • Be acknowledged on the Festival website, in the programme and on the sponsor board during the Festival of Colour
  • Receive two invitations to Festival functions
  • Receive regular newsletters updating you on the Festival progress

The donation of $500 is fully tax-deductible and can be made in one payment of $500, two annual payments of $250 or regular instalments via automatic payment

Should you wish to upgrade to Benefactor status, this donation of $2,000 entitles you to all the above as well as six complimentary tickets to a performance of your choice and a dedicated personalised booking service including selection of preferred seating to reserve in the Crystal Palace and Lake Wanaka Centre.

And our new Patron Plus and Benefactor Plus options are for those who wish to support both the Festival of Colour and Aspiring Conversations. The donation is an additional $250 as a patron and $1000 as a benefactor to enjoy the same privilges as for the Festival of Colour. Contact Lindsey for more information info@festivalofcolour.co.nz

Be one of those who gets behind us and helps sustain us! If you would like to make an online donation now please click here

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact General Manager Lindsey Schofield on info@festivalofcolour.co.nz or click here to download the enrolment form, fill it in and return it to PO Box 630, Wanaka.

Benefactor Plus
John Charrington & Pamela McBride
Penny Deans & Andrew Gawith
Sir Eion & Jan, Lady Edgar
Ted Lloyd
Ian & Judith Shawe
Caroline & Henry van Asch

Carol Angland & Ross Carrick
Bill & Karen Day
Kate & Ant Howard
Michael Laney & Monica Ryan
Eunice & Graeme Marsh
Trevor Scott & Diana McLachlan
Max & Laraine Shepherd
Miranda Spary & John Guthrie
Lady Adrienne Stewart
Lesley & Alex Twaddle
Mark & Sally Verbiest
David & Annette Wale
Sir Tim & Prue Wallis

Patron Plus

Sally & John Angus
John Beattie and Anne Salmond
Anna Brewster
Suzanne Ellison
Prue Flacks
Roger & Mary Gardiner
De & Peter Gordon
John Hare & Hetty Van Hale
Ket & Sandy Hazledine
Tim Herrick
Lyn Hill
John Hogg & Jennifer Connolly
Dick & Diana Hubbard
Jillian & Dick Jardine
Dafydd & Christine Lewis
Karen & Andrew McLeod
Robynanne Milford and the late John Boyd
Jean & Michael Nelson
Leigh & Nickie Overton
Philip & Josie Sanford
Michael & Kate Sidey
Neill & Barbara Simpson
Richard & Di Somerville
Don & Jan Spary
Adam & Annabel Spiers
Gary & Fran Tate
Meg Taylor
Peter & Susan Thodey
Peter & Jane Wardell
Nigel Zega & Kay Thomson
Sir Tim & Prue Wallis

Alistair Madill
John & Jill Blennerhassett
Celia Bowmar
Peter Bowmar
Nick Brown & Mary Smit
Rob & Jill Cameron
Brian Cooke & Devon Hotop
David & Philippa Crawford
Mayford Dawson & Dame Alison Roxburgh
Mandy Deans & Paul Maynard
Lynne & Ralph Fegan
Sandra Guy & Brendan Jarvie
Allen & Joyce Hogan
Balfour & Elizabeth Irvine
Errol & Jan Kelly
Peter King & Lauren Sleeman
Derek Kirke
Annabel Langbein & Ted Hewetson
Freddie and Rosemary Linterman
Bryan Lloyd & Marie Lewis
Janet Malloch & Brian Anderson
Peter Marshall
Sandy McKay
Bob & Pam McRae
Mead Stark Ltd
Philip & Jennifer Munns
Steve & Katrina Norman
David & Nicola Peart
Stephanie Pursley & Denis Costello
Ron & Sue Pynenburg
Diana & Graeme Rea
Jerry & Shirl Rowley
Grant & Karen Ruddenklau
Mike & Jane Saunders
Gill & Ted Simpson
Ann-Louise Stokes & Shaun Gilbertson
Nev & Bonny Teat
Graham & Barbara Thompson
Jimmy & Eve Wallace
George & Jo Wallis
Sue Webb
Trevor Williams & Rosemary Ahern
John & Penny Wilson
Robert & Prue Wilson
Donald and Sally Young